About RusCare Ltd

RusCare Ltd

Formally know as "St John of Kronstadt Russian Welfare Society"

The Russian Welfare Society Inc. was established in 1955 and changed it’s name to what it is now known as “RusCare Ltd” in 2014. It was originally established to cater for the needs of, and provide support and services to Victorians of Russian and Slavic origin.

RusCare has a strong membership base and invites all members of our community to apply for registered membership and support the organisation financially. A Board of Directors is elected at an Annual General Meeting of members.

Our staff who we warmly refer to as “Our Family”  come from a range of nationalities and cultures, with over 22 different languages spoken amongst our residents/clients/consumers. We also have a dedicated team of Volunteers who give their time, skills and support generously to assist our community through the Volunteer program.

Our objectives aim to achieve excellence in the Corporate Governance of our public, benevolent, not-for-profit organisation. We aim to organise, promote and co-ordinate welfare services to Russian-speaking and other Slavic peoples in accordance with our Rules of Association.

We also aim to construct, service and administer aged care facilities appropriate to the needs of the Russian and other Slavic Communities. With a history of over 50 years best practice experience, RusCare provides aged care residential services through its facility “Kronstadt Gardens” in Dandenong South.

We also offer assistance to those wishing to live in their own homes through the provision of aged care services, support and assistance through other agencies, including Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home Care Packages (HCP).


RusCare is Committed to Provide Support, Advocacy and Assistance to:

  • The frail and the elderly
  • Newly arrived migrants
  • The needy and disadvantaged
  • Woman and
  • Isolated members of our community

RusCare seeks to represent the interests of the Russian community regarding welfare issues and develop co-operative networks with other welfare agencies. We actively provide information, education and increase awareness within the Russian community about welfare, health and social services.

We aim to be proactive concerning the aspirations and heritage of the Russian community in Victoria.

Company Details

RusCare is an Income Tax Exempt Charitable Entity and a registered Deductible Gift Recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. 

  • Our Australian Business Number (ABN) is: 24 829 385 690
  • Our Australian Company Number (ACN) is: 167 246 077

Our Logos

The change of name in 2014 also meant that there would need to be a change of logo. This change had to be made with great respect and ease, as the previous logo had been synonymous with Russian Welfare Society for many years. To a lot of people, our logo held great meaning and sentimental value. The new logo was designed in keeping with the colors of the original, however providing a fresh and modern touch to represent our new RusCare name.