Frequently Asked Questions

What skills or experience will I need to be a volunteer?
A good volunteer is calm, patient, non-judgmental, good listening skills, willing to help and has a caring and loving nature

What time commitment is required?
This can be worked with your volunteer area manager; ideally we would like a commitment of at one volunteer shift a month

Is there on-going training?
Yes! As part of staying compliant all staff and volunteers must complete a certain amount of Mandatory Training each year. There may be times where you will be required to attend or complete other training for example if there has been a change or up-date to policy or procedures.
RWS also has an extensive DVD education library which is available for borrowing at any time.

Do I need a Police Check Certificate?
Yes! All staff and volunteers must have a current up-to-date Police Check Certificate. All certificates are valid for three (3) years from the date on the certificate.

Can I volunteer in different areas and help out with different things?
Yes! You are more than welcome to help out in any number of available areas doing a variety of activities that best suit your needs

Are all my expenses covered while I am volunteering?
Only pre-approved expenses will be reimbursed by prior agreement and arrangement with your volunteering manager

Should I talk to the Resident/Client about my private life?
Sharing something about yourself is part of building up rapport. We do suggest you be selective about what you share without creating the impression you are withholding information.

Can I increase my volunteering hours if I want to?
Yes! We would be more than happy to discuss this with you and see what else is on offer

What if I want to take a break from volunteering?
If you need to take some time off all that we ask is you inform your volunteering manager so other arrangements can be made if required during your leave time

Can I leave the volunteer program if I find this is not for me?
Yes! Again just inform your manager of your decision. An exit interview will be required

Is there a probationary period that I need to complete?
Yes! All staff and volunteers must complete a three (3) month probationary period