Volunteer Support and Education

Volunteer Support

RusCare Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining (so far as is reasonably practicable) a safe and healthy work environment for staff, including volunteers and suppliers, in accord with the Work Health and Safety Legislation. This commitment extends to ensuring a safe and healthy living environment for residents and visitors, and meeting moral and legal responsibilities toward the local community.  Elder abuse is treated seriously and will not be tolerated.

Volunteers have the right to make a complaint about any incident of workplace bullying and or violence without fear of victimisation or retribution.  Managers will treat any report related to workplace bullying or violence seriously and will respond promptly and fairly to resolve the issue.  Volunteers are encouraged to report all incidents of workplace bullying or violence using the Improvement Form. This includes Volunteers who have experienced or witnessed such incidents.

RusCare Ltd takes the opportunity to recognise and appreciate Volunteers who have gone out of their way to benefit our Residents/Clients and the organisation.  This is done annually and Volunteers who are recognised for their efforts receive a Certificate of Appreciation at a presentation ceremony.  This is to recognise that all Volunteers contribute to the valuable work that benefits our Residents, Clients and our organisation.

The organisation has a support structure for all volunteers in place and you are encouraged to contact your relevant support managers. If you are volunteering as part of the Kronstadt Gardens you would speak with the Residential Lifestyle Manager and for HACC volunteering it would be the Community Care Manager. Like all staff, volunteers are always welcome to discuss any issues or problems they may be having with the Managing Director or HR Manager if they feel they cannot speak firstly to their direct manager.

The Volunteer Development Program

All new Volunteers are provided with an orientation & induction program to the organisation and to their specific work area. A record of organisation and departmental orientation is placed in each Volunteer file. 

A Performance Appraisal will be conducted initially at 12 months, then annually (and during initial qualifying period if required). Volunteer training needs are identified during the appraisal process will be integrated into the Volunteer Development Program. RusCare Ltd also has a library of educational DVD’s which are available for borrowing.

Continuing Education is encouraged and, pending relevance to role, the organisation may support Volunteers to attend external courses and workshops. 

Training Requirements

There is a Mandatory Education Program consisting of sessions on Fire and Evacuation, Workplace Bullying, Elder Abuse, Privacy and Dignity, Manual Handling, Infection Control, Mandatory Reporting, and Safe Food Handling

Mandatory Education is compulsory for all Volunteers and must be undertaken in accordance with the education plan and the requirements of the collective agreement.  Mandatory education attendance will be monitored on a monthly basis by Management.

Volunteers have a responsibility to attend mandatory training sessions held throughout the year.  Non-attendance at required mandatory training sessions provided by the Facility will be treated as a non-performance issue and action may be taken accordingly.