Our Board of Directors

Corporate Governance

RusCare Ltd is a statewide, not-for-profit benevolent organisation which seeks to serve the Russian and other Slavic communities. To achieve its goals RusCare Ltd has formed formal partnerships through Memorandums of Co-operation with a number of communities, and also informal links with numerous government and non-government service providers.


The Board focuses on the strategies and values necessary to achieve excellence in the presentation and execution of services to the community. Services are broadly divided into two main categories, those which encompass residential and home aged care, and those which engender community development and strengthening.

The Board maintains and ensures that RusCare Ltd management maintains the highest level of corporate ethics.

The Board consists of independent directors with expertise in their own professional endeavours and field of company responsibility, thus ensuring best practice decision making, based upon sound financial and human resource principles.

The Board:
  • Sets the strategic direction
  • Approves and monitors the annual budget
  • Sets the objectives and standards by which the organisation is governed
  • Appoints all senior management positions
  • Forms committees as necessary
  • Ensures adequate risk management; and
  • Ensures regulatory compliance with laws and policies.

The Board consists of eight members elected by the members of RusCare Ltd. at the Annual General Meeting. Directors are elected for a period of two years, with half the Board retiring each year. Directors may re-nominate for successive terms of office.

All members of the Board undergo due diligence requirements and must provide an AFP National Police Certificate and be subject to a search of the Insolvency Trustee Services Australia (ITAS) records.

The Board meets monthly to receive reports from the management team and committees and conduct the business of the Board.

Corporate Governance - Standards

The Board expects that directors and management will conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards, in accordance with our core values and mission statement. The Board regularly reviews these values and mission statement to ensure RusCare Ltd organisational practices reflect best practice and corporate governance.

The Board may seek independent legal, financial or other advice as considered necessary to ensure good governance and management. Furthermore, the Board is committed to the appointment of a fully independent external auditor as approved by an annual general meeting of members.

Directors and senior managers must fully disclose to the Board any actual or potential conflict of interest.

The Board adheres to a regular triennial review of its strategies and performance against agreed benchmarks.

Directors are encouraged to participate actively at all meetings and ensure their views are heard. They are required to bring an independent judgment to bear on decision-making and ensure that management fully informs them of all issues relevant to making informed corporate decisions.

The Board regularly monitors the business environment and operational and financial performance of RusCare Ltd to consider strategies and policies for appropriate risk analysis and management.

Systems are established and monitored to ensure prompt and appropriate responses to complaints.

The Board is ever mindful of its corporate responsibilities and obligations to RusCare Ltd members, employees and the community; with all directors donating annually and providing active support for the organisations fundraising and community strengthening activities.


The Number of Board Meetings Held During the Financial Year of 2014/2015 and Attended

NameNumber of Board MeetingNumber of Meetings Attended
Very Rev Dr Michael Protopopov88
Aleks Bialocerkowski87
Marta Bialocerkowski86
Ian Harrop88
Christine Nekrasov86
Galina Kozoolin85