Staff Recognition

RusCare Ltd implemented a monthly Staff Recognition program in July 2013 that is designed to recognise performance and contribution that goes above and beyond what is expected of our staff.

All employees are eligible for recognition.

The criteria for eligibility for recognition can include but not exclusive to:
Performance that contributes to the high level of customer service without being asked to help by a manager/supervisor.
Staff that is often quiet achievers and go unrecognised for the outstanding work and contribution they make to the RusCare Ltd family.
Always working above expected standards and set a good example to other staff
They have provided exceptional customer service
Actions or behaviours demonstrated are of a nature that deserves to be recognised and applauded.

Our monthly Staff Recognition Awards are held once a month at either a special morning or afternoon tea and presented by our Managing Director.

Each recipient receives a Certificate of Recognition and a voucher.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to list the following staff that have received this award and provide a brief description of what has been recognised.

Congratulations to all who have and will receive this award.

September 2016 - Richard Evans

This is the second time Richard has received this award due to his excellent and outstanding work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond what us required of him.

Feedback from our Home Care Clients indicate he much loved and always willing to help them where he can. He has an excellent Client rapport, his thorough, helpful, organised and often referred to as a “jack of all trades”.

Richard is Kind, respectful and understanding with Care Recipients and has Invaluable skills which makes him an ideal candidate for this award and a much loved member of the RusCare family.


August 2016 - Neelam Kumari

Neelam always goes above and beyond what is required of her. Nothing is ever to hard for her and will often put her hand up to cover shifts and pitch in where she can to ensure our Care Recipients receive the highest quality of care possible.

Neelam is very resident focused and is a valued member of the clinical team.


July 2016 - Gagandeep Saini

Gagandeep or Saini as he prefers to be called was instrumental in the change of command for Agency Staff if an emergency was to occur by putting forward a suggestion during his Mandatory Training session.

Saini always goes above and beyond what is expected of him.

The Resident love him and he is always being commented on the outstanding care he provides them during his shift.

Saini is a respected and admired team member and a great asset to the RusCare family.


June 2016 - Elena Bogdanov

When Elena works she always does more then what is expected of her with Staff often saying when taking over from Elena it is always a pleasure.

Elena always remains calm, never rushes and always makes sure our residents are happy and comfortable


May 2016 - Kapinetta Amosa

Kapinetta always does above and beyond her call of duty when she works night shift and is always a pleasure to work with when staff take over from her for the morning shift

Kapinetta always makes sure the residents are comfortable and is much loved and respected member of the RusCare family. 


April 2016 - Irene Zhu

Irene completes her duties effectively and quickly and is always willing to help others, for example translating brochures into Chinese

Irene provides good customer service to resident and their families and often stays back late to assist with her managers work


March 2016 - Agrippina Saraikin

Agrippina has been nominated for her hard work. She is very dedicated , trusting and caring

Agrippina always puts the Residents care first and is often missing her breaks to ensure they receive the proper care they need

She is great with the other staff and a much loved and respected member of the RusCare family.

February 2016 - Kelly Wang

Kelly has been nominated because she is very supportive and caring, her nature is just great and Kelly truly Is an asset to the organisation.

Kelly was asked to be nominated by an external source who had nothing but praise for her hard work and dedication

January 2016 - Barb Pudo

Barb has been nominated because she is always willing to give a helping hand with our Residents and she is very particular with the well being of Resident and reminds staff what to do.

She sees that all the Residents are well fed, and checks that the rooms are always clean, especially the commodes and checks that all the bedding is clean and properly made.

Barb is always giving staff moral support and encourages staff to do their job well.

All in all Barb is very caring and gives our residents the best care she can.

December 2015 - Suzanne Newton

Suzanne has shown dedication to her work at Kronstadt Gardens, her compassion sees her joining PCA staff on the floor every shift helping where ever needed often working through many physical ailments.

Suzanne’s diligence and enthusiasm for quality in her documentation is excellent as evidenced by the praise received by the Quality Agency during their recent surprise random visit, they were impressed with her care plan evaluations.

She knows her care recipients very well and anticipates their needs before being asked.

November 2015 - Elizabeth Remarca

Elizabeth is polite and respect all Care Recipients, staff and visitors, she is a very good team worker, always helps everybody around despite the effort and never complains.

She is very supportive to all clients and work colleagues. Elizabeth has the most caring heart and shows affection to residents, assists in ADL’s, chatting, talking with residents whenever she has time.

Elizabeth sits next to Care Recipients and cuts their finger nails for them as well as giving them massages. She is a very responsible person & most of the time she cuts her break time to complete her job for example: half an hour meal break she would only take 10 minutes.

Elizabeth always shows her beautiful smiling face throughout the shift and is a very diligent worker.

She creates easy and happy environment for staff and residents

October 2015 - Irina Pershina

Irina  has been working in our facility for a long time and always shows the following characteristics:  She provides support, respect and the best quality care for Care Recipients which is shown by how she goes beyond what is expected of her job regardless of circumstances.

September 2015 - Julie Gilford

Julie is someone that is highly regarded and appreciated here at the RusCare family for her dedicated care of our loved residents.

Not a shift goes by that Julie does not bring some comfort, dignity and happiness to the residents that she assists.

She is a much loved and respected member of the clinical team, is always willing to learn and help others and has a smile and personality that represents the core values we pride here at RusCare.

August 2015 - Lisa Petts

Lisa has great enthusiasm towards her job and a willingness to constantly learn and educate herself. She has an infectious smile that goes hand in hand with her positive attitude. Lisa has great respect for our elders and shows a great interest in them, making them feel loved and appreciated.

July 2015 - Ben Bates

Ben is one of our quiet achievers who is always willing to go above and beyond what is required of him. Nothing is ever too much and he often helps other managers and staff without being asked. His work is always of a high standard and he is always thinking outside the square.

When it comes to projects and jobs that are required to be done the answer is always a positive yes and this is reflected to his positive “can do” attitude he has towards life in general.

Bens friendly personality and extremely unique and infectious laugh is something you will always remember him for

June 2015 - Lina Zhang

Lina has impeccable documentation and is very caring towards our residents. She has an outstanding commitment to Kronstadt Gardens and always ensures her work is complete before finishing her shift. She is an asset to the Clinical group. Lina is a well respected team member and someone that is always willing to assist and guide our other Clinical staff when asked of her.

May 2015 - Liying Ke

Liying is an extremely reliable member of the RusCare team  who is very caring towards our residents. She will often use her initiative to go out of her way ensuring the residents have a fantastic time with the provided activities. She always completes her Mandatory Education on time and without any fuss and is a quiet achiever.

April 2015 - Nadejda Blinova

Nadejda has been nominated for Employee of the Month for a number of reasons. Nadejda is always displaying a happy smile, which brightens up the facility. Every morning she never fails to say good morning to staff and residents as she completes her rounds around the facility, a small gesture that everyone appreciates. She follows privacy and dignity training by constantly knocking on resident’s room doors before she enters, always works to procedures and reports any equipment problems immediately. Nadejda always follows instructions given to her and is always prepared to do extra work when asked. She is a true asset to the facility

March 2015 - Ludmila Deev

This Person is a silent worker, never complains about workloads and often states that is a “job that needs to be done”. She works well in a team and does not “pass the buck” to someone else. She is always willing to help out and when asked to do a specific job on top of her duties, does not refuse to do it. Ludmila is friendly, keen to help out and does more than expected, and to top it all off she is great with the residents.

February 2015 - Michael Caruana

This person is a great asset to the Home Care team. His hard work and extra efforts that he has put forth during the growth phase of the Home Care departments has not gone un-noticed. His work ethic, care and passion that he has shown towards his clients over the past year are highly commendable and he has set an example for the rest of the team on how to work within the RusCare Vision, Mission and Values, Receiving this award represents our profound appreciation for his exemplary work.

January 2015 - Pavlena Hanin

This person has worked for RusCare for going on 7 years. She has survived four managers and many changes to the HACC program over these years. She is kind and supportive to all her clients, works early in the morning and late at night to ensure that clients are assisted in medical and hospital appointments. She works above and beyond her role to ensure that the program has quality and supportive care for the clients. She always volunteers to help when extra support is needed in the team and contributes her ideas and acquired information to improve the program for better quality service. She has amazing interpersonal skills and seeks to chat with all the clients both within the workplace and in the community setting assuring clients feel they are being appreciated and heard. Works with the deaf/blind clients which isn’t always easy and does so with charity and patience

December 2014 - Safija Dervisevic

Safija is courteous, polite and generous and is very compassionate with the residents. She will give anything a go and takes pride in her work and tries to do the best that she can. She is an advocate for our elderly residents. Safija provides assistance and guidance to co-workers with documentation requirements and is a team player and will always assist her co-workers when it is identified that they need it.

November 2014 - Kim Devries

Kim is reliable, inventive and patient and has been of great assistance to CCM in her new role. She communicates really well with residents and families as well as outside health services. She works under very difficult work conditions – her work area is very crowded but she rarely complains. She helps staff on the floor without being asked, something all the staff really appreciate. Kim is kind and respectful to our resident with nothing being too much trouble

October 2014 - Adam Roden

Adam is a quiet achiever; he does what is asked of him and more and does so without a fuss. He is creative, helping to design the new facility website all while doing his regular duties. He is very responsive, you ask him to do something and he will have it done to the best of his ability as quick as he can. Adam is a much appreciated member of the admin staff and a much appreciated member of the RusCare family

September 2014 - Maria Samorukoff

There are many reasons that the following staff member is getting employee of the month for September. She is hard working, she takes pride in her work and is very caring and does extra for our residents without being asked like taking them for walks around the block in wheelchairs.

This person works constantly as a team, she does not ask which team the residents belongs to – if a resident is identified as requiring assistance she will attend to them. This staff member is an advocate for the resident; she does not rush the residents and enjoys singing to them as well as escorting them to daily group activities.

She holds the polish group ensuring resident become very successful and residents look forwards to these group sessions. Maria Samorukoff is a much valued addition to the RusCare family.


August 2014 - Sigrid Barnes

Staff recognition is an opportunity to acknowledge some of the unique contributions and expertise that Sigrid has. It is also a return on her efforts, dedication at work and results which she has and will achieve in future. 

Sigrid, you are a valuable member of Home care team and your continued contributions are vital for RusCare to continue to be successful in meeting its values and mission. In appreciation of your service and efforts towards Home care program, everyone here at RusCare are quite pleased to present this certificate of staff recognition and this gift to say thank you, for many of the little things you do every day to add quality to our program and also provide quality care to our consumers. 

So, thank you for your hard work and dedication and keep up the good work.

July 2014 - Lakshimibai Arjuna Rao

Lakshmibai is very reliable and punctual staff member and is always willing to do extra shifts.

She always completes her mandatory training requirements in the appropriate time frame and is a quick achiever.

Lakshmibia is a much loved and appreciated staff member for all her hard work and effort

June 2014 - Ancy Ponnachan

Ancy is always willing to work in all areas of the facility.

She is extremely respectful to the residents and along with the excellent care she offers them the residents love her. Ancy also advocates for our elderly residents and staff.

Her smile and happy attitude makes the facility a brighter place for the residents to live

May 2014 - Agripinna Saraikin

Aggie always presents herself in a professional manor and is willing to do anything asked of her, no job is too hard.

Throughout her shift aggie will go out of her way to assist residents, even doing so in other buildings around the facility as well as the unit she is working in.

she always has a smile on her face and comes to work with a positive attitude and is a valued member of staff

April 2014 - Irene Malishev

Irene is an experienced, Mature, Efficient, Responsible member of our staff who is an all-round good “guy”. At times, Irene is an ‘emergency interpreter and saviour’ when residents are about to have a “piece” out of maintenance staff. She is an in-house florist – competing with Reg, – and a sweet manufacturer extraordinaire (of course vying for this top position with Adam and Ben).

Irene is an integral and valuable member of the team that endeavours to provide an adequate supply of all specialist clinical and general consumables, throughout the Facility.  She has proficiently taken on the responsibility of inventory control and re-ordering. 

She has also begun the process of controlling and monitoring manchester needs through the laundry into each of the units and has been responsible for the labelling of cupboards throughout the Facility, in our effort to streamline the storage and availability of material for staff.  Her work in organizing the labelling of resident garments has already begun to bear fruit, with many residents and relatives taking advantage of the labelling system coordinated by Irene.

Irene’s work in monitoring expenditure per department, through her record-keeping, tallying and spreadsheet recording, has provided management with a clearer indication of expenditure and also of trends within different areas.

Her work in investigating competitive pricing, in the preparation and follow-up of orders and the electronic recording of all our purchases, has assisted in the establishment of our Purchase Order system and our reliance on it as a quality system.

And to top it all off, Irene is an excellent stand-in receptionist and public face of the facility.

March 2014 - Jelica Bjelovic

Jelica is someone that always has a smile, is always willing to help, never complains about anything that is given to her or asked of her to do, and always has a willingness to constantly learn and evolve.

 She is the first point of call for anyone coming into the facility, radiating a wonderful and warm her smile and a bubbly and welcoming personality.

 Jelica over her time here has become a much loved and respected member of the RusCare Ltd Family,  and has developed great rapport with many of our resident’s, staff and the many regular visitors we have come through the facility.

 She has taken on additional responsibilities and always carries these out with accuracy and efficiency working closely with all departments and managers.

 Feedback about Jelica includes comments such as:

  • Jelica is very helpful with contractors and other visitors that come into the facility
  • She is very cooperative with all Staff, Residents and Visitors
  • Jelica is always willing to learn and take on new tasks and then picks things up quickly
  • Jelica is a kind and caring person who genuinely loves all residents and interacting with them.  She particularly loves Happy Hour celebrations with our residents and they love her dancing and singing skills

 Jelica represents RusCare Ltd and displays our values really well.



February 2014 - Vira Munzhura

Vera has moved from her original housekeeping duties to now include a vast array of other skills and services that she provides to our Facility and our residents. 

She is extremely thorough and efficient in all tasks she undertakes as may be witnessed by the significant improvements we have made in the accurate distribution and allocation of continence aids for our residents. 

Vera is extremely punctual, honest and hard-working. 

Through her efforts, much of our Essential Services infrastructure is checked on a regular basis, ensuring that smoke detectors, Emergency Lighting, Smoke Doors and extinguishers are in place and in a state of readiness.  Her weekly inspection of our Oxygen supplies, the operating temperature of resident fridge/freezers and her monthly inspection of our Lifting equipment, Wheelchairs and other Facility fixtures and fittings ensures that important and must-do items are taken care of in a timely manner. 

Lately Vera has spent a great deal of time addressing the matter of damaged curtains and drapes across all areas of the

January 2014 - Jasminka Radivoj

Jasminka has provided costumes for two Dementia unit residents to wear to the Masked ball, assisted them to dress, and escorted them to the Ball, all of her own volition. The residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and Jasminka went out of her way to provide them with this wonderful opportunity.

She always completes her Mandatory Education on time and without any fuss. She is a quiet achiever, and provides good care to our residents.

Jasminka is a much loved and respected member of the RusCare ltd family and well deserving of this award.

December 2013 - Zdena Juricic

Zdena is an excellent Clinical Nurse who takes pride in her work, truly cares about our residents and puts their needs first.

She has an outstanding commitment to K.G and always ensures her work is complete before finishing her shift. She is an asset to the Clinical group.

Zdena is a well respected team member and someone that is always willing to assist and guide our other Clinical staff when asked of her.

November 2013 - Richard Evans

Richard is the type of employee that is always willing to put that little bit of extra in for our residents. He is punctual and committed and has been known to stay back well after he was meant to have finished to finish of a job or complete one final resident request.

Richard is extremely reliable, cooperative and helpful and he is well respected and admired by his fellow staff members. He is understanding, willing and nothing is never a problem for him.

He has a high work ethic and is  methodical and hard-working when it comes to any task that is required of him.

October 2013 - Ancy Ponnachan

Ancy is one of our quiet achiever who goes about her job with ease and professionalism and often goes above and beyond what is required of her for our residents.

She always says ‘hello’ and smiles to everyone she comes in contact with, Ancy is cooperative, polite & is well respected among not only staff but loved by our residents.

Ancy is always willing to assists Lifestyle staff with escorting our residents to and from activities programs.


September 2013 - Chandrika Wijeratne

Chandrika always shows respect to all Managers and goes out of her way to work as a team player. She always says hello and smiles to everyone she comes into contact with and her warmth is radiated throughout the facility and is very much loved by our residents who she deals with on a daily occurrence. 

Chandrika is always willing to assists Lifestyle staff with escorting residents to group sessions without being asked and makes a great effort to communicate to residents in their language eg. Russian.


August 2013 - Jo Hartwig

For appreciation of her outstanding work ethic and efforts in supporting her fellow colleagues with English and required Education and Training:

  • Joanne is one of the facilities quiet achievers, she does all that is asked and required of her but it is the behind the scenes work she does for her fellow staff members that we  want to acknowledge.
  • Jo goes out of her way to ensure her fellow laundry staff, complete all mandatory training; she works with them through workbooks and training sessions, helping them to understand where possible and assist them to complete all necessary questionnaires relevant to the session.
  • On many occasions Jo has attended training sessions with her co-workers in her own time, just to make sure they are assisted and supported, even if she was not due for this training.
  • Jo has also been helping some of her fellow staff members to learn English by assisting them when reading books and other correspondence.
  • Jo truly is a quiet achiever.  She always has a friendly smile for staff and residents and continues to show a high standard and respectful work ethic.

July 2013 - Lorelle Clark

Lorelle is the face of our Finance department and a valued and respected member of the management team. She plays an important part in all new admissions by sitting down and explaining financial requirements and ensuring all forms and documentation is taken care of. It’s at this stage where Lorelle’s caring and gentle nature shines.

No job is never too big for Lorelle and she is a very much loved by our resident’s, staff and anyone that comes into contact with her.

She has a high work ethic and often goes far and beyond what is asked of her to make sure everyone is happy and that only the highest levels of customer service is provided at all times.