Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

The aim of RusCare Ltd CHSP service is to provide a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated range of support services for frail aged people, people with disabilities and carers living independently, in the Russian Community.

The objectives of the program is to provide Russian clients with the social, spiritual, physical and mental support to help them to remain independent. We offer timely and flexible services which respond to a person’s goals and maximises their independence.

Providing support to Russian Clients and enabling them to be more independent at home and in their community, enhancing their quality of life and preventing premature admission into long term residential care.

Community Care Common Standards and Active Service Model

The Community Care Common Standards (CCCS) has been developed and implemented by the Department of Social Services to assist service providers to prepare and participate in a quality review of community care services, which includes:

  • Home & Community Care
  • Packaged Care Programs CACP

The Community Care Common Standards comprise of three standards and 18 expected outcomes relating to those outcomes.

The quality review process, conducted once every three year cycle aims to encourage community care providers to review, refine and continuously improve service delivery. RusCare Ltd CHSP program has, always had a quality service that operates to a high standard but has been working hard to meet the expected outcomes.

The Active Service Model (ASM) is a philosophy which promotes opportunity for our clients to remain independent and set goals which enhance the quality of their lives. This initiative is still fairly new however RusCare Ltd has already implemented its strategies into its services. Planned Activity Group (PAG) has identified client’s specific goals and is working together with clients towards outcomes.

This approach is Person Centered Care to work more intensively with each client to identify gaps in their ability to live independently and confidently. The stakeholders work towards goals the client had identified with the objective of independence in quality in their own lives.

The ASM approach is designed to release those who are in the CHSP service that do not need it an are independently living at home.

Through this “catch and release process” we are able to discharge clients who have been sitting on file but not accessed any services.

The CHSP service will hold a clients place for 65 days, after which they will be discharged from the service. Should the client need CHSP they can always reapply.

RusCare Ltd CHSP Service will continue to strive for excellence in Community Care with a comprehensive Person Centered Care approach and developing its programs for the Russian Community and for individuals based on their goals and aspirations.