Russian Community Resource Centre

The Russian Community Resource Centre provides support to people in the Russian Community. The Centre hosts many programs, and runs a CHSP service.

We believe the quality of life for our ageing population is a priority and retaining contact with a person’s culture is extremely important. Thus, the Russian Community Resource Centre provides a range of resources and programs that are culturally specific to the community.

The Centre provides a spacious meeting room and a friendly environment for all its members to meet and take part in planned activities on a weekly basis.

The Russian Community Resource Centre is an access point for members to receive information and resources through brochures, information lectures, group discussions and socialising.

The Resources Available at the Centre

Providing Services and Resources

The Russian Library

The Russian Community Library is a vital service that strengthens community knowledge and engagement. The Library has a large range of Russian Language Fiction, Non-Fiction and Reference books.

Open Monday – Friday9.00am 4.00pm

The Russian Video Library

The Russian Video Library is a collection of interesting Russian Language videos for borrowing for community members. The Library has Children’s movies, Film and Culturally appropriate DVD’s

OpenMonday – Friday   9.00am – 4.00pm

Y Samovar

The CHSP  initiative for CHSP clients, the Samovar Group meets at the Russian Community Resource Centre for Tea from The Samovar, music and singing with our Russian musician’s and then lunch. Around the Samovar offers a relaxed social setting with unstructured activities including Reading Poetry, Friendly Chats and delicious authentic Russian Pastries and Cakes

Every Monday  10.00am – 2.00pm

Creative Craft Club

Creative Craft Club group meets every Wednesday for craft instruction in a range of paper crafts and beading. Regular outings browsing craft shops and craft markets provide fresh ideas and resources for their craft sessions. Creative Craft Club is a great social activity that gets everyone interacting and talking and is an ideal place to show off your talents and skills with other like minded people.

Every Wednesday   10.00am – 2.00pm

Broadband for Seniors

Broadband for Seniors offers all community members aged 55+ an opportunity to learn how to use the computer and internet with tutorials. Seniors who are familiar users and may wish to use our internet and the facilities for Russian and English programs which are available for cafe style free time sessions. 

Open   Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm

Gardening Club

A Community Garden not only adds to community spirit but in the Elderly can reduce feelings of isolation and increase a sense of belonging. In developing a community garden it fosters a sense of belonging. Gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits for older people. Gardening provides exercise, enjoyment and fresh food

Open   Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm

The Outing Club

This active group of pensioners are keen to participate in a variety of activities such as BBQ’s, Tourist Spots, Beach excursions, Fruit and Berry picking, Mushroom foraging and Cafe visits. If you want to be a part of an active socialising group and enjoy outings then this may be just right for you!

Once a Month

Health Seminars

Health Lectures and Community Health Information Sessions are an important feature of all RusCare Ltd community support programs. Sessions raise awareness on Women’s Health issues and Healthy Living options and are organised several times throughout the year. Keep an eye out for upcoming special events.

Dates and Times Vary

Call to Enrol in an Activity Today!


To ensure we can accommodate for you in our activities, please call 03 9793 5955 to book your place for a trip, seminar, or a place in one of our many programs.
If you need to be picked up by our friendly bus service, you need to book this when you enrol for our activities.

Russian Community Resource Centre

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Ph: 03 9793 5955
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