To achieve excellence in the Corporate Governance of our public, benevolent, not-for-profit organisation

To organise, promote and coordinate welfare services to Russian-speaking and other Slavic peoples in accordance with Rules of our Association

To assist in the provision of aged care services to those wishing to live in their own homes

To provide social support, advocacy and assistance to: The frail and elderly, newly arrived migrants, the needy and disadvantaged, woman and isolated members of our community

To strive for equality and justice for all

To strive to redress disadvantage and promote opportunities for members of the Russian community, especially the isolated, the unemployed and new migrants

To represent the interests of the Russian community regarding welfare issues and to develop cooperative networks with other welfare agencies

To organise information and provide educational opportunities to increase the awareness of the Russian community about welfare, health and social services

To be proactive concerning the aspirations and heritage of the Russian community in Victoria