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Kronstadt Gardens Residential Aged Care Facility

Kronstadt Gardens is an 72 bed single level aged care facility offering permanent and respite care.

Admission to Kronstadt Gardens is by approval of the Commonwealth Department of Health via your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The team will provide you with a copy of the approval.

The Commonwealth Department of Health also determines the fees and basic benefit paid for each resident. Information about the current level of fees may be obtained from the My Aged Care website.

A laundry service is provided at no extra charge.

An extensive Lifestyle program is offered, designed to promote quality of life and entertainment for our Residents.

Lifestyle Program

Our lifestyle team coordinates a comprehensive and creative program.

This program includes:
Bus Outings
In House Entertainment
Individual Therapy Programs for Residents Unable to Join in Group Activities
Exercise Programs
Movies and DVD’s
Pets for Therapy
Garden BBQ’s and Parties
Reading Clubs
Community Volunteer Visitors
“Happy Hour”
Residents Library
Church Outings
Regular Community Events
Independent and Assisted Shopping Outings
Morning Melodies
Evening Programs
Cognitive Games and Puzzles
Festive and Special Day Celebrations

And many more!


Kronstadt Gardens offers a wide variety of tasty home cooked meals, prepared daily on premises. We also cater for specific dietary requirements, and hold regular festive and cultural themed food days.

Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical, Allied Health Professionals and Other Services

Kronstadt Gardens provide an extensive range of professional services. Some free of charge and others charged to Residents which include:

Qualified Nursing Staff 24/7
Choice of Medical Practitioner
Dental Health, Optical and Podiatry on request and as per assessed needs
Specialised Nursing Procedures available
Other Services on request

Quality Improvement

Kronstadt Gardens has a Continuous Quality Improvement Program in place, providing a structure to all our services to be under constant review and ensure that we always provide the highest possible standards of care.

Religious Observance

Kronstadt Gardens, while Russian Orthodox based, accepts people from all Religions. Residents are encouraged to fulfill their particular religious needs and faith. Any Minister of Religion is free to conduct Services at the facility.