Clothing & Toiletry Requirements

Clothing and Toiletry Requirements

This is a list of suggested items to bring with you when you join the Kronstadt Gardens family


6 Pairs of Underwear (special garments may be recommended, please contact our Director of Nursing)
6 Singlets
4 Dresses or Track Pants and Tops if worn (ladies)
6 Pairs of Trousers or Track Pants and Tops (men)
3 Cardigans or Jumpers (not wool, unless relatives can take them home for laundering)
1 Dressing Gown or Modesty Cape if Dressing Gowns are not worn
6 Pairs of Pajamas or Nighties
2 Pairs Slippers
1 Pair Shoes
4 Bras
Socks, Stockings, Pantyhose must be labelled


Basic Toiletries are provided but you may wish to bring your own specific favorites
Brush and Comb
An Electric Shaver is desirable for males
Finger Nail Clippers (labelled)

Continence Aids

High Care Residence will be provided with basic Continence Aids as necessary
Residents may supply their own more sophisticated Aids at their cost
Low Care Residents are expected to provide their own Continence Aids

Additional Information

We ask relatives to check their family members wardrobe monthly, to ensure clothes are in good repair and labelled, and as seasons change replace clothing appropriate to the season

Laundering of clothing is provided, however we request articles of clothing that are of the “wash and wear” type that can be dried in a drier and do not require ironing. Dry cleaning of garments can be arranged at a cost to the resident. Woolen garments are to be taken home for laundering

All care will be taken but we will not take responsibility for damaged clothing

We encourage residents to bring into the facility personal items, photos, pictures, electric items such as TV, radio, a favorite chair, anything which will help them settle into their new home

We do request all items to be labelled. This includes spectacles and dentures

All care will be taken but no responsibility for loss or breakage of any personal items

Relatives are encouraged to bring in any special food for their loved ones, subject to dietary restrictions. All food brought into the facility must be logged in the Food Safety Program Register located at each Nurses’ Station

The Director of Nursing may be contacted for further advice